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Rade Stanojevic


Rade Stanojević left IMDEA Networks in March, 2013. He is now a former team member.

Please note: this page is no longer maintained.

Short Bio

Rade Stanojevic obtained his B.Sc. in Mathematics from University of Nis, Serbia and a Ph.D. from Hamilton Institute, NUIM, Ireland. His current research interests span network economics and performance evaluation. His work on decentralized cloud control has been awarded the ACM SIGMETRICS 2008 Kenneth C. Sevcik Outstanding Student Paper Award and the IEEE IWQoS 2009 Best Paper Award. Since fall 2010 he is a staff researcher in the IMDEA Networks Institute, Madrid. Prior to that he was a post-doc with Telefonica Research, Barcelona. Check CV for more details.

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