Vincenzo Mancuso

Research Associate Professor
at IMDEA Networks

Research interests

Ongoing activities: (i) scheduling and inter-cell interference management in very dense cellular data networks (ICT CROWD project), (ii) analysis and performance evaluation of inband and outband D2D communication schemes (ICT CROWD project), (iii) analysis and implementation of context-aware mechanisms for mobile devices, (iv) experiments with modified 802.11 driver/firmware, (v) modeling, measurements, and experiments with 802.3az (EEE links),

Past projects: (i) design of flexible wireless architectures (ICT FLAVIA project), (ii) analysis and performance evaluation of opportunistic scheduling schemes for LTE/802.11 dual-mode users. (iii) analysis and optimization of power saving strategies for cellular packet networks, (iv) design of green base stations, (v) fairness in spatially biased mesh networks, (vi) performance analysis and experiments of 802.11-based mesh networks, (vii) support of streaming applications in wireless systems, (viii) wireless mesh networks operated by means of multiple technologies, namely IEEE 802.11, IEEE 802.16 and LEO/GEO Satellite solutions, (ix) measurement-based admission control in IP networks.

Short biography

Dr. Vincenzo Mancuso obtained his master degree in Electronics from University of Palermo, Italy, in 2001, and a PhD in Electronics, Computer Science and Telecommunications from the same University in 2005. After the PhD, he has collaborated with University of Roma ''Tor Vergata'' and University of Palermo. He has been visiting scholar at the ECE Department of Rice University, Houston, Texas, and postdoc in the MAESTRO team at INRIA Sophia Antipolis, France. Since September 2010, Vincenzo is with IMDEA Networks Institute, working on analytical and experimental projects on wireless networks (802.11 and 802.16/LTE) and energy efficient network protocols.

Researcher Name

Latest News

Last update: March 24th, 2014.

Recently issued


A. Asadi, P. Jacko, and V. Mancuso Modeling Multi-mode D2D Communications in LTE, extended version of the abstract to appear in the proceedings of SIGMETRICS MAMA 2014.

V. Sciancalepore, V. Mancuso, A. Banchs, S. Zaks, and A. Capone, Interference Coordination Strategies for Content Update Dissemination in LTE-A, in Proceedings of INFOCOM 2014, Toronto, Canada, April-May 2014.

A. Asadi, and V. Mancuso, WiFi Direct and LTE D2D in Action, in Proceedings of Wireless Days’13, Valencia, Spain, 13—15 November 2013 (Best paper award runner-up).

A. Asadi, and V. Mancuso, On the Compound Impact of Opportunistic Scheduling and D2D Communications in Cellular Networks, in Proceedings of ACM MSWiM’13, Barcelona, Spain, Nov. 2013.


A. Asadi, V.Mancuso, DRONEE: Dual-Radio Opportunistic Networking for Energy Efficiency, Elsevier Computer Communications, available online 28 February 2014, ISSN 0140-3664,

P. Salvador, V.Mancuso, P. Serrano, F. Gringoli, and A. Banchs, VoIPiggy: Analysis and Implementation of a Mechanism to Boost Capacity in IEEE 802.11 WLANs Carrying VoIP Traffic, to appear on IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing, 2013.

A. Asadi, and V.Mancuso, A Survey on Opportunistic Scheduling in Wireless Communications, IEEE Communications Surveys and Tutorials, vol.PP, no.99, pp.1-18 (DOI)